Bison Mat

Premium Chair Mats

Bison Mat, once Advanced Chair Mats, was in need of a brand that would reflect their perspective on business and retail while being differentiated as something unique in a rather cliché-saturated, uninspiring industry. 

Brand Development

Based in Buffalo, Minnesota, the process of discovering the uniqueness of Bison Mat — and the subsequent brand identification and codification that followed — would need to capture the warmth, playful simplicity, and rugged toughness of their products and company. Their mats would need to be established as the highest quality while their message would need to communicate partnership and engaging involvement with their customers. 

Brand Identity

Rugged toughness and nostalgic warmth were built into the brand’s identity system, with imagery and references to the American West along with the buffalo that depicts fortitude and independence. The mats manufactured and sold by Bison Mat are custom-designed for different office environments, and each was named and presented accordingly within the same system of brand distinctions. The visual and verbal framework that Bison Mat built captures a ruggedness and a quality that extends beyond the mat itself. 

Brand Expression 

From being the home of the most widely-read chair mat blog on the internet to telling the stories of the people who are using their mats, the marketing and communication strategy for Bison Mat was built out using both the quality of their products and the quality of the lives, businesses, and products of Bison Mat’s customers. Positioned as a partner to good businesses, Bison Mat is establishing itself practically as well as conceptually- as a purveyor of supremely high quality office chair mats and of positive, engaging messages and good people doing good work. 


  • Identity Collateral
  • Content Strategy
  • Web
  • Video

Campaigns & Messages

  • On a relentless pursuit of one-time customers. 
  • Making work work better – at home or the office
  • A Work-from-Home Essential
  • Finally…Making home feel more like work. 
  • Home of the most widely-read chair mat blog on the internet.