Station 19

Architecture, Design, & Strategic Master Planning

Station 19 Architects is a premium architecture and design firm that specializes in work with non-profits, ministries, churches, and schools. In the crowded space of architects, the firm sought to differentiate itself because of its truly unique approach to developing and implementing a building design.


To truly capture and communicate its uniqueness, Station 19 built a brand around being creative problem clarifiers who could then create unique designs to address what was discovered. For the design process, this meant building a brand experience heavily around the client experience, with the tenet of Listening First as the starting point for all good design work. Out of this posture of listening to the client, the firm wasn’t just drawing buildings but building Strategic Master Plans for ministries, churches, and schools. The architecture firm, then, is established not as “simply” a team of architects, but rather as a group of health and growth consultants, organizers, assessors, and creative problem solvers.


A brand was then developed and communicated that looked and felt like Station 19’s own standards for the work they do with their clients. By getting the design out of the way of the identity of the company, the brand relies heavily upon primary colors, minimalist and abstract expressions of shape, and understated but vivid imagery. Iterations of the brand have developed a multiple iterations as competitors have mimicked and copied the Station 19 identity.


An extensive search engine optimization strategy was employed to compete nationally for churches and non-profits looking to build new space or make better use of the space they have. This was done through both backend efforts of site optimization, keyword saturation, and site performance enhancements as well as a broad content strategy.


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  • Your Vision. Our Experience.
  • Creating Space for Change.