Wexco Environmental

Wexco Environmental is the parent to multiple water treatment companies working in various expressions of water quality. Each of its companies needed an independent identity while maintaining continuity that could demonstrate the parent company’s broad industry reach, offerings, and expertise. 

Brand Development

Each company was treated as a different, distinct company for the purposes of discovering, codifying, and communicating its brand. While unifying ideologies and goals were underlying all that was being done, the expressions of the mission needed to be as uniquely postured as the companies themselves. 

Brand Identity

Wexco Environmental’s daughter companies, Filtrol, Septic Safe, and Septic Check, were all established as strong, independent brands while maintaining the primary brand’s fundamental presences as a leader in water quality in terms of education, services, products, and research and development.

Brand Expression 

Wexco’s mission to solve water problems is accomplished differently by its different companies. Each brand functions as its own entity in terms of marketing and advertising, with the understanding that, while their mission is shared, their offerings and products/services are independent from one another. While the Filtrol brand is focused on global partnerships and the growing issue of plastic pollution, the septic companies are bringing education, products, and services to homes and businesses with a septic system.


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